Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dewi Dewi

Dewi Dewi is the name of the group trio formation of the musicians as well as Dewa 19, Ahmad Dhani. The personelnya include Purie (Puput), Tata, and Ina (Carolina), who joined in the management of the Republic of Love in the bottom of the hand cold Dhani.

Dewi Dewi first album titled DEWI DEWI RECYCLE +, according to his name in the album contains songs long. Including songs Dewa 19, such as the dime novel, Elang, Siti Nurbaya, Half Breath, One Heart, Tak Ada Cinta Yang Lain Kasidah and love.

In the album, there are two new songs, namely Dokter Cinta and Begitu Salah Begitu Benar, plus hit songs such as Love of My Life had dipopulerkan The Queen, Dance has been popularized by Reza Artamevia, dan Ini Gila Ini Cinta This popularized by Agnes Monica.

Dewi Dewi own establishment in the process through the audition was in TV programs, singing contest, Search for Obsesi Dewa 19 Dewi Dewi.

In the event that the SCTV in March 2007 that, Purie, Tata, and Ina, successfully eliminate thousands of girl, who want to become stars.

In June 2008, personnel Dewi Dewi two people, after the official Ina exit. Ina choose a solo career on the path to jazz.

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