Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wulan Guritno

Wulan Guritno name when starting up her cute face the special session as presenters football often greet television viewers. At the age of 13 year, he has a relationship with Attila Syach. Wulan took three years to schools in London. After returning to Indonesia, again associated himself with Atilla, and say it married before pregnancy. Her parents ago decided to marry Wulan with Attila, in the age that is still very young. After a child was named Shaloom Syach Razadee, this pair finally decided to divorce. Wulan declares himself is not proof of households continue to build with Attila Syach. He said, not only Attila never gave sustenance during married, according to him, but her husband was also tempered very temperamental, and he like do jealousy rough. Case increasingly violent when Attila found Wulan with Nugie together in the bedroom Wulan but does not claim to have any relationship with Nugie. While confessing that he is being built by singing Nugie efforts to become performers in the recording.

Controversy again befall Wulan when he brought his son, Syaloom care of her husband. Indeed, at the time the court has not decided who is entitled to Syaloom. The car be pursued by younger brother and nephew uterus Atilla the berbuntut on the destruction of the car drived by Wulan. The case did not fail to bring them to court.

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