Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The GAME of Top Secret Destiny

* Photo source by Umair Ashfaq(Flickr)

It just like a dream comes true. I feel nervous but excited at the same time because now I'm into the intermediate level which my intelligence skill and guts to defend the justice. I had been tested with my strength from stage to stage and now, the game had been change. Whatever things happen in the future, it may be the combination of both or many. I admit I don't know about the future but the past and the present had become the key to open many good and bad secrets. I was ready to fight and always be ready anytime being needed to go to the battlefield. At the same time, I've been tested with my loyalty and love to someone dearest. For right now, if love happens maybe away from my indiscreet eyes. The game of destiny is still playing but nobody knows when or how it ends. Everything is still top secret.

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