Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Holiday Mood and Complicated Life

* Photo source from neverlove13 (Flickr)

The holiday is coming but I don't have a mood for it. Some other times, I don't feel that it's necessary to me right now. It's really complicated but what kind of choices do I had given now? I'm completely in mess. I thought I want to quit this job but then, something had made me stop thinking about it. I'm always sympathy to my boss. Of course I know that he don't want me to know about his life but I'm on my way to save him. He said he don't need it but he's lying to me and to himself as well. I admit that I was really disappointed. However, the word that makes me cool down is 'PATIENT'. When I feel out of control, this word had made me remember to stay on track. Not only I must be patient with lots of thing including myself, I must stay focus with my duty. Well, that's why I feel that holiday is unnecessary to me right now but all I need just now is to clean the mess of my life.

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