Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Love For XX ~Positive X Negative Mix~

* Photo source from Naj(Desired Hopes ©) (Flickr)

When it comes to painful reality, sometimes, I just can't accept the fact that I had been lose to certain things. Now, I had learned not to keep the grudge because I know that somehow it's no used to blame myself or anyone surround me. What does matter to my life right now is that I must move on. The older that I've become, I realized that love is isn't something very easy to understand or to think about. It's easy to fall in love and easy to get heartbroken too. But I can't deny this kind of this feeling inside my heart. Even I can't stop anyone else to fall in love with me. I had stopped looking at the negative side of me. Anyone who thinks that I was easily falls into their compliments but at the back, they'd backstabbed me, now, I was looking at the different perspective kind of view. They're just loser who do not admit their own feeling because they had low self-esteem. For me, they should get a life and move on. As for myself, after I had admit my own feeling, I can live in peace. At least, I feel happier and if anyone still searching for it, my advise is to stop searching and start looking at ourselves. If we feel happy, then, go for it. No need to rush or crazy about it. What most important to us is to be patient. Surely, it will come to us.

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