Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Master of Disguises

Photo source from Manuel Riguer(Kranio) (Flickr)

Top secret here and top secret there. Everything is top secret. If wanting to do top secret mission, the first thing, must become the master of disguises. I admit that i've been there and done that when i'm still in my school years and now, I'm doing it again for some purposes. Not only for myself but for the sake of everyone else. Now, i'm disguise myself like a teenage girl and I was succeed indeed. That because many people had fallen into my trick. They've said that my disguise aren't bad at all. It's my talent and it's in my gene too. I don't really goes for hot and sexy disguises. All I want is to become simple girl. That's the way i'm fooling around with the people. But then, I had found the better way to use it. Now, i used it to help people. Not for spying but for helping. That's the way it should be.

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