Tuesday, May 11, 2010


* Photo source by 3nOna (Flickr)

I could write a book about what I've learned from my past experiences. From all of that, I had make my own paths. Maybe some people thought I was little bit unrealistic but I've seen it's coming. I tried to fit myself in this society with these kind of dreams but it seems like it's too difficult. My mind seems can't get over it but then, suddenly, something made me stop to worry about what people may think and would they've said to me. I don't need their approval to pursue any impossible dream that made by me. If I had to fight for it, well, I will do it but I won't be too fanatic about it. I'm still have a heart although some says I am cold and heartless. However, I'll make sure they remember my name and not to mess with me ever again. Well, being SUPER DREAM Maker is not just being a fantasy job, if you put the effort on it, you also can be like me.

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