Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thinking of You ~Holiday RR Mix~

Don't have a mood for holiday...

Like I said before, I don't have a mood for holiday. Apart from waiting for an important duty on next month, I'm always thinking about someone right now. Yes, that is very same person who broke my heart. I'm just thinking what he's up to during this holiday. I admit that I'm giving up right now. I don't what else to say or how but my heart is just broken into pieces. I believe he's doing it because of the past trauma. He's started to feel about himself and thinking negatively toward every girls in his in his life. But I'm no fool in this game because I was inspired by the bittersweet experience of having a crush of a wrong person for so many times. I know it sounds foolish and deserved to be cursed or scold by anyone who'd read or never read this. Well, the upside is I just wanted to know whether he had change and if still not, I'm ready for the bad romance game. I don't do like Lady GaGa did. All I ever wanted is to flaunt a hot and sexy stunt boyfriend and so, he will cry. Sounds stupid right but I'll wait for the moment.

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