Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paris Hilton Or The Nightlife At Its Best

Paris Hilton is well-known as Hollywood's number one party girl. She is not number one because she is the best but because she devotes most of her time shopping and partying all night long.

Paris Hilton was born rich by her mother's marriage to Richard Hilton, a member of the rich hotel chain Hilton. Paris was basically raised as a spoiled child being thought by her parents that other people are there to serve her and that she should snob poor people.

Paris Hilton has contributed a little to our modern culture by her short careers as a model, actress or signer. She did not pursue any of those avenues as her success and talent have turned out unremarkable. Paris Hilton is famous for her night partying and has a crowd of followers wherever she goes. She is famous for drinking until the crack of dawn and seldom offers to pay her drinks and is known for being stingy when the time comes to tipping the people who served her all night long.

Why does she have such a big crowd of followers for her nightlife then? It is easy to see that the people who follow Paris Hilton in her nightlife are more interested in getting free drinks, great publicity and the privilege of passing in front of the waiting crowds as they are with Paris.

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