Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Foto Artis Indonesia Cathy Sharon

Cathy Saron Profile :

Full Name : Catherine Sharon Gasnier
Nick Name: Cathy Sharon or VJ Cathy
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth: Jakarta, October 8, 1982
Sign: Libra
Father's Name: Thierry Gasnier
Mother's Name: Hilda Limbara
Hobbies: collecting concert tickets
Occupation : VJ MTV Indonesia and actress Indonesia
Descent : France, the United States, and the Tionghoas
Height : 170 cm
Active : 1999 – present
Religion : Christian

*English Literature National University (Graduated 1991)
*London School of Public Relations

Career :

* Model
* Casting 2008
* Presenter Insert TRans TV
* Supporter Extravaganza
* Presenter Music

Filmografy :

* Skandal Cinta Babi Ngepet (2008)
* Lonthe (2008)
* Arisan Gigolo (2010)
* Gejolak Nafsu Membara
* Ranjang Berdecit
* Kenikmatan Tabu
* Kecanduan Seks
* Bara Api Cinta
* Asmara di Pondok Cinta
* Nafsu Terpendam
* Satu Atap Dua Cinta
* Permainan Binal
* Petualangan Si Mata Keranjang

"She is a friendly figure and ready smile. Her career in the entertainment industry is known as a Video Jockey (VJ) on MTV. Chaterine complete woman named Sharon Gasnier also exist as a presenter and actress. Previously, she also had time to jump in the field of modeling. Women born in Jakarta on October 8, 1982 This has the blood of French descent, Manado, and hard. She is older sister of Julie Estelle who also work as an artist. "

Cathy Sharon

Cathy Sharon

Began her acting career by FTV, which starred husband with DJ Create Fungky, I Make You Crazy, and Impressions of a Butterfly. Around the Year in 2006, Cathy jumped into the acting world through the wide-screen cameo role in the movie The World Them. Her name skyrocketed over horror film director besutan Empty Bench Helfi Ch. Kardit. MTV VJ began his career as a vacuum since the year 2007. After that, a woman with a height of 170 cm was beginning to exist as a presenter infotainment. She is also known as one of his supporters at a comedy show that aired at Extravaganza Trans TV.

Cathy Sharon

Cathy Sharon

Some time ago, POPULAR entered into an exclusive photo session with him. Interesting interview we were doing. Apparently, Cathy is a person who is warm and open minded. POPULAR reporters following interview excerpts, Tedy Matondang:

How the way you treat your body to keep it beautiful
I am very hygienic person. So always wash your hands after eating or after doing anything. Wash your face after coming home from somewhere.

Cathy SharonCathy Sharon

So you're spending your greatest in treatment huh?
Usually spend a lot of money if every so often to the hairdresser. I'm not really into often to the salon. Me to the salon because hair clippers, creambath, or a haircut. In addition, I use the products themselves and sometimes also given the product and I like to use at home. What is important to know how to use.

Is that true beauty is pain?
Depending on the terms of the what? Maybe there is truth in beauty is pain due to be treated to beauty. But when it's used, will not be difficult. Everything is just a matter of habit.

How about the dress code, whether the need is branded?
More often mix-mix. But if there are branded goods which I adore. Whatever I try, however the way to purchase goods. But I also was trying to keep my spending and saving.

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