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Foto Artis Seksi Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih
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Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih
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Aura Kasih 'ANGELS TEASER', Tempting In Innocence

While reading a comment on a media that newcomers are so Beautiful, Flirty & So Sexy, I have been 'tempted' to hear the first album titled ANGELS Aura Kasih this teaser. There are 10 songs that are packed within a quite varied but the theme of the lyrics are still not depart from it-that, too.

The first song, Treasure of Love, which brings the atmosphere of the era of the 80s failed to build the image 'teasing' as it is written on the cover of his album. Lyrics of the song that little 'naughty' can not be expressed through her vocals tend Aura Kasih flat no beremosi.

Still with the beat that is not much different, the second song titled Song Almalbis perform better. Colors Aura Kasih voice starting to look stronger and no longer lagging behind the thud of the bass which was dominant in almost all the songs. Memory songs are presented only with acoustic guitar accompaniment is probably better suited to vocal Aura Kasih colors that tend to 'smooth' even if Aura had slipped when I had to switch to falsetto at the end of the song.

On Long Distance and For the Love of vocal aura did not seem to want to blend with accompanying instruments. Whether because of election errors genres that do not comply with vocals or Aura that failed animate the song. The same case was repeated also on track to 7, Among You.

Dead Love Songs album cover that made it appear more dazzling. Here the aura is more prominent vocal power. Strong emotions also seemed to bind Aura Kasih voice that only a piano accompaniment. Unfortunately, backing vocals, on some parts, even disturbing. The song with the longest duration in this album Aura successfully performed well although there are still some points where the Aura failed to control his vocal.

Overall this album is not too bad for the soloists who began his career of Miss Indonesia 2007 finalist. Should the mixing and selection of the appropriate genre will make an album that had been named as MTV Hot Seat Artist last March was so much the better.

Basically, vocal Aura Kasih was already good. But it takes more than just a good vocal to compete in the world of drag votes. Aura've got a golden opportunity, just how to address this opportunity. One thing I know for sure, she is Beautiful, So Sexy and Flirty!

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