Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Foto Model Hot Elsa Krasova

Elsa Krasova Profile :

Full Name: Elsa Krasova
NickName: Elsa
Place / Date of Birth: Medan / July 4, 1982
Nationality: Indonesia
Last Education: University Harapan Medan
Occupation: Model, Sinetron Player, Photo Model
Sinetron career: The Rich, Hidayah Jalan MU To Name New Coast Guard, Ghost must Pass
Favorite Musician: Beyonce
Favourite Film Star: Shakhrukh Khan
Favourite Author:
Height / Weight: 168 inches / 48 kg
Size: Shirt: S Pants: 27 Bra: 36c Shoes: 37

"In the midst of this solitude, Elsa admitted eager to have a lover. However, because she has character does not like to be approached, that desire is difficult to realize. "
Elsa Krasova, so she wrote his name on the biodata. Eastern Europe rather flavorful, indeed. However, Elsa, so she was happy to be addressed, do not want to say much about her name it.

Elsa Krasova

Elsa Krasova

Elsa Krasova

On the front side of the living room and family room back there is a small pond inhabited by tens of koi fish. Somewhat separate from the house, there is a swimming pool is equipped with a small gazebo for relaxing. Truly a vacation home that is not only residents but also makes it convenient delivery of inspiration for anyone living there.

That's where Elsa express herself in her sexy bustier variety of colors and patterns.

Elsa Krasova

Elsa Krasova

Elsa Krasova

Elsa's sexy. His confidence was so high. No wonder, as long as she lived with the serious shooting. Stage for stage passed without constraint.

"I do it to relax, enjoy, without coercion. Because I photographed a hobby, "she said while throwing a captivating smile.

Alluding to the photos in POPULAR, she commented, "very sexy. Because I also have a body that sexy. Why not? "She said confidently.

Talk about sexy, sexy woman how the birth of Singapore, July 4, 1982, this? "I will not talk much. See for yourself. Look at photos of me, "she said, half defiantly.

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