Friday, January 28, 2011

Profiles And Photos Hot Sexy Lia Trio Macan

Lia Trio Macan Biography:

Lia Trio Macan or Lia Ladysta is one of the personnel of the vocal group dangdut, Trio Macan from Lamongan, East Java.

Together with his friends at Trio Macan, Lia Trio Macan has released an album, I HAD A NAME (2007) and the song skyrocketed thanks to SMS and Kucing Garong. Not to forget is the sway and-stripe camouflage costumes on stage typical of Trio Macan.

Not just a career in singing, together with Trio Macan Lia also exist in the world of acting. Soap opera romance strings so his acting debut, as well as appearing in films SUMPAH (INI) POCONG dan DARAH JANDA KOLONG WEWE (2009) who reap the comment as Leah and her friends had time to appear naked.

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