Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Profiles And Photos Sexy Anggun

Full Name: Anggun Cipta Sasmi
Nickname: Anggun
TTL: Jakarta, 29 April 1975
Zodiac: Taurus
Father Name: Darto Singo
Name of Mother: Diane Herdina
Name of Husband: Michel de Gea (divorce), Olivier Maury
Hobbies: Singing, Creating Songs

International singer from Indonesia is there? There must be, but that has proven over his career and his achievements in the international world of tables is not a mere promise of it .... This is Anggun, artist born in Jakarta, 29 April 1974 This is an international singer who has spread its wings in the world until the international singing too .. Anggun become one - the only Indonesian artist who managed to penetrate the competitive music world that is so strict in order to become an international player .. graceful became the most successful Asian artist outside Asia with hinggal sold 3 million copies its international album until 2005.


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