Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Profiles And Photos Sexy Audy

Full Name: Paula Allodya Item
Call Name: Audy Item
TTL: Jakarta, 23 April 1983
Father Name: Jopie Item
Name of Mother: Evie Aquanthie Aziz
Children to: 3 out of 4 siblings
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 167

In addition to the album release, audy was also never got several awards for its appreciation in the world of drag votes diantarnya Indonesia "Indonesian Favorite MTV Awards 2004", "Most Favorite Female MTV Indonesia 2003", "The Most Promising & Outstanding Young Diva (Dolce & Gabbana Awards) , "Best Rock Female Solo AMI 2003", and many more.

In her personal life, the younger brother of Stevie Item (Guitarist band Andra and The Backbonee) was once establish love with band vocalist "GOD" Once before she married Emil, Base of the band Naif. Previously, audy also briefly establish love with Tyo Nugros, which ran aground in the middle of the road.


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