Saturday, March 21, 2009

Olga Lydia

Olga Lydia (born in Jakarta, 4 December 1976; age 32 years) was a model, of the event, and the descendants of Chinese Indonesian actress. He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Parahyangan, Bandung in 1994, and has a high 171 cm weight 47 kg. Olga initiated his career as a catwalk model, ads and video clips. He also appears in the video clip Boomerang, Stanley Sagala, Kafein and Dewa. Events as it appears in Sisi lain, Jelita (Trans TV), Otomotif (TV7), A1 (Global TV), Dunia Samsung and Republik Mimpi (Metro TV).

In the role of art, his name pump up via sinetron Lo fen Koei (RCTI) and the horror film 12 AM. In addition to his career in the entertainment world, Olga also as business amateur recording studio and vocal les' Rumah Bintang', billiards' La Forca' and restaurants' Poke Sushi '. In addition, he also became one of the management of Percasi. In early 2006, when issues pro and contra about RUU APP, Olga appear as one of the artists that were active against the RUU APP which according to him the potential undiscredit women. As a sign of resistance against the RUU APP, he was posing with section for men's magazine, Popular.

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