Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Shock Value ~Impossible Shock Mix~

* Photo source RzzA™ (Flickr)

Everything is seems out of my control. What I mean is the situation is out of my control. I had received so many shocking news these two weeks and it seems like some of them had effect my life completely. I had to adjust what I had right now whether I like or not. My life is no longer the same way that I think of. I am towards to duty as fighter to defend the injustice and be a good friends to some people who need my help or I can ignored them forever if they’ve done the bad things to me. I had no time to play around these days. On the other side of my life outside the office, I am pretty much into mission impossible. I admit it’s dangerous and I’m trying my very best to do my duty. I could be the next Erin Brokovich but I’m not like her. Defending something very valuable means have to sacrifice the life and time that I had. However, I must accept the way that it was. I am waiting for the time that has yet to come towards to the end…

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