Friday, April 30, 2010

Potential Realistic Dreams

* Photo source cinnamon girl ♡ (Flickr)

Everything seems to be impossible these days and also, it seems everything is so ridiculous. I'm always wanted to live in the dream that I'm always wanted to be but right now, it seems to be so unrealistic. It is more like the fantasy that came into reality which making me living in the fairytale. Actually, there's nothing wrong about that but i keep pinching myself. For all these times, i'm willingly to lose most of my time to prove for what I am working for and I am one step closer to prove the justice is not for me but for everyone as well. I don't care if they'd call me crazy or whatever they're wanted to call me, at least I am happy the way that I am right now. The coolest thing I've ever did to myself is almost all my potential realistic dreams come true. Well, I don't what will happen next but I'm sure it is on the plan.

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