Thursday, October 21, 2010

Actress Indonesia Rahma Azhari Photo of Man Sitting lap di pegang putingnya oleh cowok

Photo Rahma Azhari with sexy dress who sat on the lap of a man wearing a hat, invites many questions. Allegations emerged that he was a prospective new husband, who has not smelled by the media .

Rahma when confirmed, Tuesday (23/03/2010) reveals that many outstanding photographs were merely exclaimed-appeal. The man in the picture are my friends and relatives.

"The pictures were just kidding just kidding, which is important not blow up, it's my friends were all like family, I laughed aja saw the photo," said Rahma when contacted by telephone.

Former wife's employer was Alfay Rauf was not disturbed by the spread of the image, and was not the time to take care of something he does not really matter. "Maybe there is fun to blow up, I think it is important not, normally It was a joke photo not bothered me, "he explained.

Rahma too sure when the picture was taken of course, but he remembers when the event took place at a cafe in Senayan, Jakarta. "I have been singing kept busy, noisy images, I do not care , well so be it I do not want to think. I have this frequency," he explained.
"I do not have any intention, I am still so myself, whatever is my life, to doing whatever I wrote," he said adding.

About family responses, according to Rahma's family does not care about that photo. Moreover, he is still close relatives. " The response did not care for the family photograph is not important, that the picture my cousin's younger brother," he added at the end of the phone

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