Friday, February 4, 2011

Foto Artis Sexy Dewi Persik Mengenakan Tanktop Merah Show

Dewi Persik
Murya Great Goddess or more familiarly called Dewi Persik is a multitalented artist born in Jember, East Java, 18 December 1985. Dewi Persik profession as a dangdut singer, soap opera actress, movie star, as well as commercials. Dewi Persik is a phenomenal artist because of controversy related to the action stage while singing because her clothes are always tight and minimal.

Because his performance was too sexy, goddess also had a chance to get treatment that is not fun. Among the show when he finished filling in the TPI. At that time, peach goddess who is busy interviewed arrive - came from behind no male figure of fun who are silent - quietly take photos peach goddess breasts and touched the breast of the queen immediately saw this. This incident did not only take place just once but over and over - once because his clothes are always sexy and minimal cloth.

His career began to soar when she sang the song titled "Star Stage". Peaches own name given by his manager, Mr. Yogi, because it is considered by many Chinese people for his career shone like the peach in China and for good luck. The clothes are always sexy lead to many ban against him in various regions in Indonesia among other things in the city of Tangerang. In the town of Tangerang goddess banned because to comply with local regulations (Perda) No. 8 year 2005 concerning violations of prostitution area. Apart from Tangerang, a few other cities that are party to the action stage bans terhadapa peach goddess diantarnya Bandung, Depok, South Sumatra MUI, Sukabumi, Probolinggo, and Balikpapan.


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