Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Profiles And Photos Sexy Andi Soraya

Andi Soraya
Full Name: Andi Soraya
Nickname: Andi Soraya
TTL: Jakarta, June 18, 1976
Father Name: Andi Zen
Name of Mother: Laela
Husband Name: Ahmad Kurnia Authority (divorce),
Children: Shawn, Darren Sterling Emmanuel
Favorite movie: You Satisfied, I Loyo (2008), Ghost Abortion (2008), Jandamu Sahara (2008)
Favorite TV Show: Reincarnation, Tears Finally, Eclipse, Love, Self-Esteem 2, Three Women, I'm Dan He, Glass Shoes
Zodiac: Gemini

Gemini zodiac this artist began his career in the entertainment world with a model of ground water. From this world andi soraya career even penetrated into the world of acting by starring in several soap operas such as soap opera that aired Arir Last Mata in one of the PRIVATE TV. Apart from soap operas duunia andi too became a star in several product ads are Vegeta, Bank Mandiri, Prenagen, B-29, and many more. Not satisfied, andi soraya enliven any Indonesian movie by playing a few titles of your movies Satisfied I Loyo, Ghost Abortion, I'll meet Jandamu.

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