Sunday, February 6, 2011

Foto Upskrit Artis Seksi Nindy


Graduates of the Contest, Nindy Sharing Eksis Tips

Nindy is one of the Indonesian singer who began his career than a singing contest, until finally she was believed to duet with Audy for songs Companions. Nindy also have tips for those who are 'lucky' just like him to continue to exist in the world of entertainment.

"I think for the young and has a real talent should take advantage of opportunities that many. The key, believe in yourself. If it is the very point we have to commit, whether to continue or half-half? For many of those born from the talent search ordinary fixed or lost. It should not be used as an example. The reason the event is only open a temporary road next depends on our will, whether to pursue a dream and make it reality or not? So do not ever stop dreaming especially if you're young, "she explained at length.

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