Sunday, December 12, 2010

foto hot sexi artis Mariana Renata

Mariana Renata

Mariana Renata

Mariana Renata

Mariana Renata

Mariana Renata Biography :

Mariana Renata was born in Paris, December 31, 1983. She is an actress and model who in 2004 had been a star Lux advertisement, which then catapulted her.

Daughters of male partners from France, Andre Dantec and Anita Kirana that once lived in Zimbabwe for six years before returning to Paris for a year and finally settled in Indonesia.

Mariana Renata graduated from the University of Sorbonne, Paris, majoring in English Literature, has completed her master's degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

The films Maria, so called normal, including Janji Joni (2005) and had a role as Kay in the film Lux Short Movie, Matchmaker (2006). In addition, women who had issued close to Nicholas Saputra, also once starred in a video clip Peterpan and Ungu Band.

Beautiful virgin who pleaded not too often this exercise feel fortunate to blessed with a natural slender body. Mariana Renata was free to eat anything without any restrictions. Artists who like backpacking and cycling are also classified as not too diligent to the salon. To maintain her appearance, she prefers natural treatments and simple as diligently wash my face and so forth.

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