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Kimberly Ryder Biography

Kimberly Ryder Biography :

Kimberly Alvionnella Ryder known since starred in the film Cahaya as a character Eva antagonist. Kimberly Ryder was born in Jakarta, August 6, 1993 it got the acting talent from his father, Nigel Ryder, a British citizen, and business modeling of the mother, Irvina Ryder, who is also a senior model.

The girl who in 2008 became high school student in Jakarta Mentari this foray into big screen by starring in the film Chika.
Kimberly Ryder

Kimberly Ryder

Kimberly Ryder

Kimberly Ryder

Kimberly Ryder

Kimberly Ryder Increase Achievement Through Homeschooling

Involved in the entertainment world is not without problems. Moreover, if the person is still young and just starting out activities that are vulnerable to various things, both positive and negative. Therefore, guidance and direction from parents is absolutely necessary for the child in the entertainment environment can be controlled. This hitherto experienced by Kimberly Ryder. Even a model that also actress beautiful movie player and the parents had banned if academic achievement sagging because of filming.

"So now there is a commitment. Parents can promise if you can to the value of entertainment. But if the ugly left. Because of my education remains the number one," she explained in Pejaten Village, South Jakarta, recently.

Kimberly Ryder further said, experience had never felt a bad performance when she was involved in a recent soap opera. Because not want the hassle she finally chose homeschooling as a place to gain knowledge.

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