Tuesday, December 7, 2010

foto seksi Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia Percy So Drivers' Wives

Soon, the artist Sissy Priscillia will soon be married by the national perally Rifat Sungkar. Sissy Priscillia also must accept the consequences to be left to compete. Himself was already understood to be the wife of a racer's life.

"I'm already used to left-lived. When deciding to get married also had known going to events like this. To be sure I really support him mentally and physically," said Sissy Priscillia met after the departure of Rifat Sungkar undergo preskon Asia Pacific Rally Championship 2010, on FX , Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (19 / 4) afternoon.

Rifat itself will undergo Asia Pacific Rally in 7 countries. Sissy Priscillia also claim if she will follow Rifat only in Australia. Understandably, until next July, Sissy Priscillia had to prepare for her marriage to Rifat concentration.

"He's a really busy perally. I did from the beginning to support him ever, Well, until next July I was not able to join him, after that, God willing, a new part in Australia," said Sissy Priscillia.

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