Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Foto Artis Cantik Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Spoiler :) :

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Circulating Fake FB account, Fanny Fabriana Thankful

With the Internet, people have certainly become easier to access the latest information on celebrity worship. Even with the existence, friendship networking sites Facebook or Twitter tiger, the fans it seems have become a 'friend' of the artist.

However, sometimes a lot of artist names found on Facebook are not necessarily original. Many artist's name made a false account to fool the fans. Fanny Fabriana is one of the artists who have experienced adverse effects fake Facebook account.

"Yes, FB I never got hacked and forged," she said when met at Senayan City, Tuesday (6 / 7) evening. Terkaget Fanny Fabriana had made her name when discovered many fake accounts complete with a profile-profile.

Although his name often used to fake accounts at FB, as long as it is not a loss, she casually responded. "But I'm still grateful also one cares until there bikinin FB false, but it is not negative," said the player was Hari Untuk Amanda.

FB own function for Fanny Fabriana nothing more than a place of sharing, exchange information, exchange photos, event communications, and promotion as well. "Nothing more than that," he said. Maybe because he just casually responded fake her FB account number circulating in cyberspace

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