Wednesday, November 17, 2010

oto Profile Artis Riva Nurfaridha Rivai

Riva Nurfaridha Rivai Profile :

Full Name: Riva Nurfaridha Rivai
Nickname: Riva or Upay
Place Date of Birth: Tangerang, March 17, 1993
Religion: Islam
School: SMAI of Al-Azhar BSD, class XII IPS 1
Home Address: Komp. Pdk. Cipondoh-Tangerang
Father Name: H. Rival hymn / Entrepreneurs
Mother Name: Hj. Ida Hamida / Housewife
Children to: 6 of 8 siblings,
Descendants: Jakarta, Sumbawa, and Arabic.
Height / Weight: 171cm / 50kg
Size Shoes / Shirt / Pants: 40 / M / 28

Riva Nurfaridha Rivai

Riva Nurfaridha Rivai

Riva Nurfaridha Rivai

Riva Nurfaridha Rivai

Riva Nurfaridha Rivai

Riva Nurfaridha Rivai Biography

Riva Nurfaridha Rivai used to be called Riva or Upay began to plunge into the entertainment world since 2005 when he was attending a junior high class. Riva often follow teen model selection event and are often believed to be a model in several magazines.

Riva who loved the world model continues to hone his ability not only on one field. Until finally Riva daring plunge into the world of soap operas and participated starred in several soap operas and TV dramas. Until now, Riva who was sitting on the bench Grade 3 SMA Islam Al-Azhar continues to pursue acting, presenters and of course the world model, be it a catwalk model and a model photo session. Currently Riva managed to become one of the finalists of Miss Celebrity 2010 prestigious event hosted by SCTV.

Experience Riva Nurfaridha Rivai in the World Entertainment :

* Model 2008 tabloid beauty
* Model 2008 automotive magazine Auto Bild
* Model Fuji Film, M-Studio 2008
* Models Online Teen Magazine blah-bloh 2009
* Maid soap opera actors "Pedekate" SCTV 2009
* Maid soap opera actors "Nikita" RCTI 2009
* Host and Presenter
* Model Catwalk @ Plaza Indonesia 2010
* Model Catwalk @ Davinci 2010
* Finalist Miss Celebrity 2010
* Main Maid Starring FTV "Cinta Pake Contes" 2010

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